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Difference Makers!
Disruption Embracers!


We are what society calls unemployable misfits


At Professional Idiots, we run and nurture one of the fastest growing communities online with over 125,000 members and growing. Our work philosophy is simple: “Let people be whom they want to be”. Too many corporate environments take the creativity out of work and thus the fire out of their employees. They make you stand in a production line and play by their rules. At Professional Idiots, we want everyone to be creative and express themselves how they see fit. This means dressing how they want, acting how they want, speaking what's on their mind, and developing their own work systems, so long as they follow our one rule: Get the job done no matter what! This is what separates us from the rest of the corporate world and why we succeed in our own niche.

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Professional Idiot?

Well, let's see, extra points to anyone who can say any of the following applies to you:

(If you can say yes to any of the above, then we want you on our team for sure!)

Take Note:

We are looking to only work with the bomb-diggity. Someone that learns from us as much as we learn from them. Someone we will be proud to say is a part of our family and will play a large role in pushing Professional Idiots forward. If you are not this person, please consider another position.

I am your homey, what next?  click here to see our current openings.

At Professional Idiots we:

  • Are 50% remote, work from multiple time zones

  • Use GitHub, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, and Sneek to collaborate

  • Are community driven

  • Work both hard and smart

  • You are left-handed. And right-handed.

  • You taught a German Shepard to bark in French.

  • Mosquitoes refuse to bite you purely out of respect.

  • You taught Chuck Norris martial arts.

  • You have won the lifetime achievement award… twice.

  • You gave your father "the talk".

  • You once brought a knife to a gunfight...just to even the odds.

  • Sharks have a week dedicated to you.

  • You live vicariously through yourself.

  • If opportunity knocks, and you're not at home, opportunity waits.



Database Administrator  "The Russian Mobster"
I am a database guru, I can optimize the shit out of any database.  I'm based out of Russia and in my spare time I try to hack into the FBI's site to remove my wanted poster.


Chief Programmer "The Mad Armenia"
I was hired to code shit.   I code best when in the middle of the night when the freaks come out.  I live in Armenia and I am a true idiot!

Mr. Binary Code
Security Researcher  "The Hacker"

I'm a bad ass ethical hacker, I was contracted to keep the site safe from bad hackers. I am in the hacker hall of fame from Google, hackerone, PayPal and many more. 

Surbhi Bhatnagar

CPA "The Sexy Accountant"
My job is to keep the spending under control.  I have to say sorry boys, no new drones this month.  They really hate me and I am surprised I still have a job to be honest.


Company Attorney  "The Ball Buster"
It's my job to keep these idiots out of prison.  With the games these guys play at work and at home, it's a full-time job, ugh.  Would someone please change my title.


Fish Tank Maintenance Guy and everything else.

I have been told I am the biggest idiot of them all.  I run shit here and make sure these other idiots stay legit.  We once tried to hire an H/R consultant firm, but we fired them the following week.  We hate rules. 

We are a group of people who don't like being controlled and we are seeking to bring on open-minded people who are idiots as much as we are. If you get offended easily, then this company will not work for you.

We have no real dress code, come to work in jeans, shorts, your pajamas or nothing at all :-)


We let our employees play music at work and bring their dogs to work. We drink red bull by day and beer by night.   We get off at 5 but happy hour starts at 4, (massive conflict) so to fix that, we now honor happy hour at work. On Wednesday's We order lunch and watch a movie of the week, then get back to work.

Anyone who has ever worked for me has said it was the best job they ever had. All I ask of you is to take care of the company, and in exchange, the company will take care of you.

FYI:  Sex in the bathroom is no longer allowed at this time until further notice.



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