Society Says We Are Unemployable Misfits






Welcome to Professional Idiots!

We are far from being a conventional company and will never be one.

Instead, we are a group of open-minded and free-spirited people. We don’t allow society to judge us and we don’t judge others. We also refuse to hide who we are, which is anti-corporate misfits.

So, who are we and what do we do?
We are the creative pioneers who built a unique networking website with one simple goal in mind: bring like-minded people together for fun, intimacy, and love. Every day we’re finding new ways to help our members engage, communicate, and connect with people looking for exciting experiences online and offline.

To do that, we allow our team to be creative and express themselves how they see fit. This means dressing how they want, speaking what’s on their mind without fear, and developing processes that works for nobody but them.

This is what separates us from corporate America and why we succeed in our niche. We are what society calls unemployable misfits. 
We use the name Professional Idiots because everyone thinks we’re idiots. They see us as different and weird, maybe because of the hairstyles, lifestyles, body ink, or because we believe gays and transgender people are very creative and we want them.  
That’s ok though, because as our flagship site grows, we will prove these people wrong, they still might think we’re idiots, but we’re going to be rich idiots. 


You once gave your father "the talk"

You brought a knife to a gunfight...

just to even the odds.

You live vicariously through yourself

You are left-handed. And right-handed.

Mosquitoes refuse to bite you

purely out of respect.

You taught Chuck Norris martial arts.

You live vicariously through Yourself

You once had an awkward moment,
just to see how it feels.

Sharks have a week 

dedicated to you.

You taught a German

Shepard to bark in French.

You have won the lifetime 

achievement award… twice.


Do You Have What It Takes to be a Professional Idiot?

Well, let's see, extra points to anyone who can say any of the following applies to you:













​​​​​​​​(If you can say yes to any of the above, then we want you on our team for sure!)

Take Note:

We are looking to only work with the bomb-diggity. Someone that learns from us as much as we learn from them. Someone we will be proud to say is a part of our family and will play a large role in pushing Professional Idiots forward. If you are not this person, please consider another position.

I am your homie, what next?  Click here to see our current openings.


Meet the Chief Idiots!

Founder - Chief Idiot 

I am the mastermind behind Professional Idiots, meaning I basically just clean the toilets and keep the refrigerator stocked with beer. I live and breathe the Mile High air.

COO "All I do is say no to everything!"

It's my job to say no to the stupid concepts that will never work, no matter how hard they try to get it to pass.  I am also based out of the amazing Denver Colorado.

Meet the Other Idiots!


Chief Programmer "The Mad Ukrainian"
I was hired to code shit.   I code best when in the middle of the night when the freaks come out.  I live in Vorzel and I am a true idiot!

Aldo Mircea

Linux Server Admin "Pianoest"
I can fine-tune a server like a grand piano. I have been a server admin for the past 15 years. Why be a server admin? because the post office wasn't talking applications duh, cash baby! 

Laura B
Chief Caretaker "The Police"

I keep shit legit on the site; It's my job to train the caretakers and control what is on the site. I am from Pueblo, Colorado.


Database Admin "The Russian Mobster"
I can optimize any database.  I'm based out of Russia and in my spare time I try to hack into the FBI's website to remove my wanted poster.

Security Researcher  "The Hacker"

I'm a badass ethical hacker, I was contracted to keep the site safe from bad hackers. I am in the hacker hall of fame from Google, HackerOne, PayPal, and many more. 


Professional Idiots, Inc.

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Castle Rock | CO | 80104

Phone 303 777 5400

If you have a question or comment regarding Professional Idiots or one of our companies, please get in touch. Since we generate ideas internally, we do not accept submissions of business plans.

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